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Latest Kite Reviews

Liquid Force Envy 2014
  Liquid Force CPR Bar  by: David Johannsen
The bar does "work" as stated in video but major flaws. Not being able to reach the swivel wile riding to unspin lines is bad. The amount of force it takes to use the depower is like...
Cabrinha Drifter 2015
  rocksolid! Love this kite  by: Carlos Rueda
7,9 2015's 8,11 2014's Had before the F-one 5 and 6 Bandit's but the Drifter is just all I need, ok for jumping stuff the Bandit wins also for upwind but man o man its just so much...
KiteLoose Angel 2012
  Кайтлуз ангел  by: Lar
Уже 3года пользуюсь этими кайтами и они меня продолжают радовать и желания менять на новые нет.Единственный недостаток - это неудобная регулировка тяги (до этих веревочек надо ещё умудриться в воде...
Caution Spitfire 2013
  Terrible light wind kite.  by: Brad B
The kite would Hindenburg in wind less than 13 mph. I would have to loop the kite just to keep it in the air. Once wind is above 13 it fly fast through the window, but keep it moving or it will...
Best Kahoona + V5 2013
  Love it.  by: Brad B
Missed this kite. I purchased a Caution Spitfire rather than a Kahoona..Big mistake. Love the low end power these kites have. I quickly changed back to my Kahoona!!!
2008 Eclipse Thruster kite review
  Master  by: Greg McGuire
2009 version is better than 2008.
Wainman Smoke 2012
  kale  by: richards
brilliant, tough as hell relaunch is super super fast which is nice in waves. pulls like hell up wind as well as giving some decent boost for a wave kite. bar is great with the exception the...
Naish Bolt 2011
  Msc  by: Paul
Good kite, bad lowend but great high end. It's fearly stable. Durability is not very good. Durability is not terrible. Great kite for the Surf! lots of drift. The problem is realy it's...
Liquid Force Envy 2015
  Heavy and Overbuilt and over hype!  by: Straight up
So I had the chance to try these kites recently. Bottom line, they sucked! Slow and lack of power. Apparently there a huge improvement over the previous years, if that's the case I can not even...