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Latest Kite Reviews

Royal XTera 2013
  Great for allmost everything  by: Rasmus
Very easy to fly. Does everything.
Cabrinha Switchblade IDS 2009
  2009 switchblade  by: Papajero
Bought mine second hand in early 2012 and have used it many times. Very happy with its performance and durability. Have since bought cabrinha 12m and 15m but not switchblades. Next kite will probably...
Liquid Force Nirvana 2012
  Nirvana  by: thomas
great band, great kite. i've been schredding on my 11m. good kite, pretty solid unhooked stability, irregular powerflow in the turns. but hey? what else did you think of a c-kite? good pop...
Cabrinha Drifter 2015
  My Drifters read my mind  by: Mark
I'm loving these kites I got from surf-store! I got them tuned to fast turning/longer de-power stroke. They do turn fast, even the 13m. They want to fly and be in the air no matter what it seems...
Liquid Force Solo 2015
  it rocks in waves  by: kamara
I just love how it runs in waves. It's easy to depower, it drifts excellent and turns directly and precisely. It blasts upwind and can boost some cool airs, so it's perfect for freeride...
Airush Varial X Race 2012
  X Race  by: erGrunfe
Ho usato questo kite per due anni: in inverno anche a partire da 8 nodi: mi ha permesso molte uscite quando i miei amici rimanevano in spiaggia. L'ho usato fino a kn 16. Lento nel girare, un...
Airush Vantage 2015
  Un motore da Formula 1, adeguato anche per il rally!  by: erGrunfe
Avevo il Varial X Race 17 e non avevo intenzione di cambiarlo. Ma quando l'ho provato l'ho acquistato subito: la sua leggerezza e la velocità di spinta nei cambi di direzione mi hanno...
Liquid Force Envy 2015
  smooth, reliable, good boost  by: john 421
i tried both the new envy and hifi x. both reliable kites, well built from the ground up. the hifi x is more aggressive, good for doing crazy freestyle tricks. the envy is smoother and easier to...
Cabrinha Contra 2015
  turning  by: rocco
It's one of the fastest turning lightwind kites I've put my hands on. It holds power i turns and has unbelievable park and ride potential, plus good depower. It's like a wave kite....
Best TS 2015
  TS 2015  by: andrew
A kite for everyone. It's beginner friendly, perfect for progression and advanced riding. It works for freeride and waveriding perfectly. Good low end, very stable, lots of depower. Relaunch is...