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Latest Kite Reviews

Cabrinha Switchblade 2015
  SB + Overdrive  by: mike
Good freestyle capabilities, but still not a fan of the recoil system.
Switch Kites Nitro 3 2014
  great power and air  by: paul
Rode 10m Nitro1 and 3 in around 30mph. I'm 170lbs. First, what i didn't like about the 1 was the absence of any tuning options, the extreme bar pressure (which was actually nice at 1st...
Best Cabo 2015
  great low end and drift  by: ferro
Perfect for waves. Stability, drift, slack line control, super quick relaunch, low end, anything I need. A couple of tests with the new Cabo and I'm in love. It's the perfect kite for...
Airush Wave 2015
  window?  by: irish
I tested the 2014 Wave. Great park and ride, depower and drift abilities on that kite, but it sits too far further in the window for my taste. How's the 2015 model? Any inputs?
Cabrinha Radar 2015
  Radar  by: yawn
Can't wait to buy this kite after I tried it. It has the perfect combination of smooth power and control. It's easy to steer and stable. It stays well put in the window and drifts very well...
Best Cabo 2015
  Cabo 2015  by: gorge run
The new Cabo is simple and efficient. It runs fast and powerful, but it's also easy to handle .In fact, it is quite user friendly. You can maximize power for extra boost and speed easily and...
Slingshot Turbine 2014
  Amazing!  by: Tim
Gets me going when a 15 doesn't (obviously) Feels super stable, sticks in the sky as long as I configure the knots according to the wind Great variety of bar pressure Easy to manage...
Best Kahoona 2015
  gentle  by: jay
It's fair to say that this is a very forgiving and user friendly delta kite. It builds power smoothly and is easy to control. It has lots of depower and it's very easy to relaunch. It'...
Cabrinha Switchblade 2015
  back to allround  by: ian
Yep, it seems that Cabrinha has returned to all round performance with the new Switchy. That's a good thing for most riders. Now you can use it for perfect new school maneuvers, but also to ride...
Liquid Force Solo 2015
  single strut solo  by: van goorwert
I'm glad that they decided to go with one strut and not with strutless design. It makes the kite light and maneuverable and also gives it more stability in high winds. Control is clean and easy...