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Latest Kite Reviews

Liquid Force HiFi X 2015
  tricky to handle, but great unhooked  by: marcel
It's a very good kite for unhooked freestyle tricks. It has some nice power and loops very predictable. It's very reactive and steering can be a bit tricky when the kite is fully powered....
Cabrinha Chaos 2015
  Se puede mejorar  by: RedKiter
He probado estas cometas en las tres medidas más grandes con vientos que oscilan entre 12 a 24 nudos. La cometa tiene una calidad de acabados supremos, la barra 2015 es con diferencia la mejor del...
Cabrinha Switchblade 2015
  SB 2015  by: jamel
A five strut hybrid with great all round potential, improved this year. I can really feel that the 2015 SB is more user friendly than previous models. It has a strong, consistent pull, but it's...
Best Kahoona 2015
  predictable, easy to fly  by: AMc
The Kahoona combines old school with new school. It's well balanced and predictable. It's great for cruising, as it sits well in the window and has a light bar pressure. There's no...
Advance Ikarus 2013
  Great Kite except for the graphics  by: Kangaroo
Been using a 9m for a the last 5 sessions. The tests have been performed with winds between 9 and 22 knts. It's a piece of cake to relaunch...even at very low winds (9 kts). Very good upwind...
Cabrinha Radar 2015
  very good park and ride  by: rogero
I definitely like how the new Radar works in waves. It shines with any surfboard. It's stable and predictable and has excellent park and ride abilities. I just placed it in the window and stayed...
Cabrinha Contra 2015
  perfect tool for light winds  by: gomez
The Contra is a LW specialist. And a good one. In the air, I don't even feel like it's large or anything. It's easy to ride and reactive. I'd say even very reactive for a lw kite...
Liquid Force NRG 2015
  big jumper  by: make
huge lift potential and load and jump abilities. awesome.
Airush Diamond 2015
  the large SPI works like a charm  by: Mimi
The larger single point inflation valve rocks. With literally just a few pumps, the kite is up and read to fly. way to go!
Airush Diamond 2015
  excellent all-rounder  by: Marisha
First demo with the Diamond. It's a good looking kite and it's built very well. top quality manufacturing. In the air, it has a very good stability and control. bar pressure is light and...