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Latest Kite Reviews

Airush Diamond 2015
  the large SPI works like a charm  by: Mimi
The larger single point inflation valve rocks. With literally just a few pumps, the kite is up and read to fly. way to go!
Airush Diamond 2015
  excellent all-rounder  by: Marisha
First demo with the Diamond. It's a good looking kite and it's built very well. top quality manufacturing. In the air, it has a very good stability and control. bar pressure is light and...
Cabrinha Velocity 2015
  Crazy  by: gotti
It got more power than previous models and it pulls harder. It goes upwind very fast. I tested it in 15 knots and I'm 80 kgs. Damn, this kite can pull. Turning speed is better, but still a bit...
Advance Ikarus S 2014
  very nice kite  by: simon
This kite is very nice i have try a lot av kite but i think att this is the best! Its perfekt fore beginner end fore pro! This kite is perfekt får all the style!
Cabrinha Genesis 2015
  no other size?  by: paul
no 4m?
Peter Lynn Impulse TR 2011
  Powerfull  by: Daniel
Pretty powerfull and durable kite.
Best Kahoona + V5 2013
  really sweet  by: ron j
The Kahoona Plus is fun to ride and gives you a 'in control' feel. It has a large wind range, it's easy to use, forgiving and has good power. It's perfect for cruising and...
CrazyFly Tango 2014
  nikos  by: nikos
Very stable Kite C-feeling, huge amounts of power, excelent unhooked feeling. Very good hang time , not so huge air. It becomes overpowered easily. Very nice pull in unhooked kiteloops.Not extremely...
Fluid Air 2013
  Fun kite to ride in marginal winds  by: lems
I have the air for two months. I's basically a bigger freeride kite, forgiving and easy to ride. It has a smooth boost and jumps are very lofty. There's also lots of hangtime. The Air is...
Fluid Ego V5 2014
  Review Fluid Ego version 5  by: Andreas Gustafsson
Kitesurfer level: kitesurf almost since the beginning of the sport. Rider size: 85kg The design of all kites is simple and clean just like I want it. All of them is very easy to handle, great...