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Latest Kite Reviews

Cabrinha Velocity VMG 2014
  Velocity Race  by: robert maxer
It is a powerful race and light wind kite. The Velocity power sup quickly and delivers huge speed upwind and downwind. It blasts upwind very fast. It doesn't turn very fast, but holds good power...
North Vegas 2013
  The best  by: Jara
This is the best kite, what I ever had (Rebel 2008 and 2010, Evo 2012, WH Boss 2012, RPM 2010..). Wind range (for C-shape), performance, speed, control direct everything super. It realy suits me. I...
Core Riot XR3 LW 2014
  Riot 19  by: McKenzie
I have the Riot 19 LW and the CF Taurin combo. Very efficient in light winds, but needs some effort to squeeze the most out of it. The board is not very fast to plane and i need to take the time to...
Gaastra Pure 2014
  Modern C-Kite  by: roger
C-shape, 4 line, minimalistic bridle, no pulleys. A modern design and good performance. The kite is direct and feels well powered through turns and loops. It doesn't pull like a truck in loops,...
Epic Surf 2014
  a new dedicated wave kite  by: corry
It's not one of the friendliest wave kites on the market. Compared with the Reo, it goes upwind harder and it has more pivotal turn. It shifts direction quickly in the air, but at the expense of...
Gin Cannibal 2014
  great for am/pro  by: mike
The Cannibal is a kite that can deliver. It has good power and good lift, but it is also easy to steer. it pumps in the air with a smooth power and it is stable. I'm not much of an unhook rider...
Liquid Force NRG Light Breeze 2014
  Robust, good power, solid built  by: hervis
It feels well powered at 14 sqm. I ride mostly in crappy 14-15 knots and the NRG Light Wind does the job. It flies pretty fast and can boost nice airs. Now, don't think it has an explosive jump...
Gaastra Toxic 2014
  Simple and reliable  by: vako
Great kite. Solid power, fast turning and excellent drift. It runs great in surf. Low end is more than OK too. The bar is easy to use. It has clean cleat adjustability.
Cabrinha Contra 2014
  Contra  by: JBW
good low end grunt and goes upwind fast. quick relaunch and medium depower. all-round lw kite.
Gaastra Spark 2014
  Spark 2014  by: ono
A very fun kite to ride. The Gaastra Spark will appeal to first time riders as well as to versatile riders. It has a moderate bar pressure, good power, good low end and it's very easy to ride...