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Latest Kiteboards Reviews

North Soleil 2010
  Nice graphics  by: pinkdarling
The graphics are so funky on this one, it’s like a splash of color. Like the guys at North took some buckets of paint and started to throw pain on the board. There’s...
Shinn Monokini 2010
  A head turner  by: pinkdarling
I don’t mean to sound shallow and small-minded, but for me looks are important. As far as looks go, this board delivers the goods. It may be a personal thing, but I really...
Best Spark 2010
  Good as a starting board  by: mchendrean
Good as a starting board. Got my BF one of these when he was starting out and he says he loves how stable and how easy to use it is. Guess I should get him to post a comment.
Best Armada 2010
  Beauty and efficiency  by: pinkdarling
If you are an intermediate level rider and you need a board that combines beauty and efficiency and doesn’t cost a lot of money, then this is the board to get. Just look...
Balance Team 30 2010
  Bruna Kajiya fav  by: pinkdarling
If Bruna, who is an awesome kiteboarder by the way, says this is her board of choice, then she must know what she’s talking about. She’s been vice champion for 3...
Axon Maya 2010
  Lightweight, comfortable  by: pinkdarling
I weigh some 60 kilos and I’m 1.7m tall. I am not that strong so I love the fact that this board is incredibly lightweight. The board planes easily, gives me the right...
Airush Skim 2010
  Not what I expected  by: dancabrinha
The Skim runs fine in light wind. It is quite large and bulky. Doesn’t turn very fast and it’s not very maneuverable if the wind is high. When the wind doesn’t...
Airush Switch 2010
  Good and reliable board  by: Anonymous
I like this board. It is snappy and you don’t have to do much edging to go upwind. It is fast and fun. The flex is nice and you can jump pretty high. It has smooth...
Airush Converse 2008
  2 in 1  by: Anonymous
Airush has done a good job with this board. 2 in 1 performance. You can use it for surf and kiteboarding. Just take the straps off and you are ready to surf. It has extra volume...
Axon Relic 2011
  Not a Relic at all...  by: dancabrinha
The Relic is very stable, especially in strong waves. It has a good grip and it feels solid under your feet. It is easy to steer, and when you turn it is very steady. The 3D...