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Latest Kiteboards Reviews

Axon Pulse 2011
  Great for freeride  by: Anonymous
This is pure freeride. The Pulse is fast and agile and gives you total control. It runs nice when the wind barely blows, although it is not a light wind board. In average wind...
Axon Pulse 2010
  Frerider  by: dancabrinha
It is a very good board. The 2011 model is a bit more responsive and faster, but this one is also excellent for freeride. It features a very responsive flex and it is stable in...
Axon 6'0 Thruster 2010
  Comfortable and fun  by: Anonymous
The thruster is a fun board. It is perfect if you wish to relax and enjoy the waves. You can use in a wide wind range, but I like how it performs in light winds. It is smooth...
Balance Onieva Signature 2010
  Beginner friendly  by: Anonymous
Onieva Signature is indeed perfect for the heavier rider. It floats nice and can support additional weight very well. It has speed and power, but I believe it is very forgiving...
Best Profanity 2011
  Solid and efficient  by: Anonymous
You just have to love the Profanity. If you know a little about kiteboarding it will perform great. It is very responsive and can be handled very easy in all wave conditions....
Blade Scalper 2010
  Stable and solid  by: Anonymous
The Scalper impressed me with the robust construction. It is build to last and handle any punishment. It won’t reach an amazing speed or perform spectacular jumps, but it...
Brunotti Onyx 2010
  Good for cruising around  by: Anonymous
It offers decent performance, but don’t get your hopes up. It won’t be able to help you if you like hardcore sessions. I think it is intended for cruising and fun....
Brunotti Low Rider 2010
  Ride with the Low Rider  by: dancabrinha
The Low rider will get you riding with style. It has plenty of pop and it is quite powerful. You can jump and hang with it really nice. I like that when it is submerged it pops...
Cabrinha Plasma 2011
  Great  by: Anonymous
I don’t know how Cabrinha manages it, but it delivers only high performance kites and boards. The 2011 Plasma is excellent for freeride. It is stable and reliable. No...
Cabrinha S-Quad 2011
  Great directional board  by: dancabrinha
Usually I like twin-tips. They are much more fun and comfortable to ride. But the S-quad is a damn good directional board. If you like surfing, and edging is not your game, this...