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Naish Custom Gun 2010

Naish Custom Gun 2010

Kiteboard Model: Custom
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Naish
Best For
Board sizes

Model – length, width, thickness
Gun 5’10” – 177.8 x 43.2 x 4.76cm
Gun 6’2” – 188 x 43.2 x 4.76cm

  • High performance shape
  • Hand shaped EPS core
  • Top and bottom decks are covered in composite laminates that overlap on the rails; on top of the composite laminates there’s high-density, closed-cell foam that fully wraps the board.
  • The strongest possible strength to weight ratio

If you are not familiar with the Naish-manufactured Custom series, here is what you need to know. The boards in the Custom lineup have the highest performance shapes in the industry and are manufactured using a leading premium construction technology. Furthermore the Custom series has the most expansive selection of boards in the industry. As Naish explained, you will be completely stoked no matter which Custom you choose.

There are 2 models in the 2010 Naish Custom Gun lineup. Let’s look at both of them and see what they have to offer:

Gun 5’10” – this board shines in strong winds and big waves; it is an incredibly smooth and reliable board.
Gun 6’2” – kite and board manufacturer Naish designed this model with one very simple goal in mind: to let you charge into the biggest of waves.