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The 2012 Kite Speed World Champs Are…

Salines de Giraud, France was the scene for the Kite Speed World Championship during July. Some of the fastest kiteboarders ever competed in this challenge and staged an incredible show. They managed to achieve great speeds in very difficult conditions, with winds constantly shifting direction and making it hard for them to catch the best way down the course.

The fastest sailor in the world, Rob Douglas, managed to take an early lead and maintained himself in the first top three positions during the challenge. In the end, he claimed the first place with an incredible 36.43 knots speed.
In the women’s category, it was Charlotte Consorti who claimed the first place due to her amazing performance and 32.59 knots best speed.

The Kite Speed World Championship is held this year after a 2 years break, but we hope to see this competition become a steady annual event from now on.

2012 Kite Speed World Championship Results:


1. Rob Douglas
2. Sylvain Hoceini
3. Damien LeRoy


1. Charlotte Consorti
2. Marie Dessandre Navarre
3. Jessica Winkler