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The 2013 MINI KTE Winners Are…

After four days of world class competition in Castelldefels, the 2013 MINI KTE Spain event came to an end. Conditions were less perfect, as the first and third days of the event lacked consistent wind and kept riders off the water. However, they managed to stage a great show on the other days.

Castelldefels saw plenty of sun and ideal wind conditions on the fourth day of the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe and the audience enjoyed plenty of action. Once the day was over, the champs in Course Racing and Freestyle were crowned.

And the 2013 MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe champs are:

Course Racing Men Overall: Maxime Nocher (France)
Course Racing Women Overall: Katja Roose (Netherlands)
Freestyle Men Overall: Mario Rodwald (Germany)
Freestyle Women Overall: Sabrina Lutz (Germany)

MINI KTE Spain wrapped the 2013 KTE season and we hope to see some more action next year. Until then, you can take a look at the 2013 MINI KTE Spain highlights in the related videos section below.