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The AC Is Free, We Can Check Out Hadlow’s First Ever Video

A short while ago we were reporting that Aaron Hadlow announced that if enough Facebook users show Progression some love, then Progression would release the AC. The AC, in case you are not familiar with it, is the movie Progression released back in 2002. It is a 45-something minute long video shot mainly in Cape Town (also in Venezula, Tobago, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Tenerife, Egypt and Austria) that features Aaron Hadlow, Mark Shinn and Mark Doyle.

Progression said that when it hits 2,000 Facebook fans, it will release the AC movie onto YouTube, making it available free of charge to everyone out there. This milestone, 2,000 fans I mean, has been reached over the weekend and consequently Progression put AC up on YouTube. You can check out the video here, or just click the thumbnail in the related videos section below.

Have fun watching the video! Or as Progression put it, “enjoy the step back in kitesurfing time!”