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Action Is Where the Wind Blows

‘Where the Wind Blows’ is a series of clips which follows the adventures of four elite kiteboarders: Colleen Carroll, Lindsay McClure, Laura Mayer and Sensi Graves. They travel the world training and competing in world class competitions, riding faster and harder each year.

Besides the fact that they are good friends and extremely good looking, the four of them are also united by one other thing: a burning passion for Oregon and the river Gorge. Riding the Columbia River Basin, Oregon Coast and beyond is thing that empowers them to push their limits to the skies.

And each summer they all come back to these spots where they feel at home. The Oregon summer experience is a multidimensional story that is rich in wholesome food, beautiful scenery, and great adventures.

And the first part of the ‘Where the Wind Blows’ showcases how their friendship, passion for kiteboarding and sustaining health connects them in a way that will inspire all viewers. You can check it out below.