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Airstyle Revolution with Toby Braeuer

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Toby Braeuer is what we may call an Airstyle master. Airstyle is his poison and he masters it like no other rider. In Toby’s opinion, this style has been forgotten for many years, although the majority of kitesurfers around the world start the sport to enjoy the time in the air and do different tricks to make their heart pump faster.

After finishing the AIRSTYLE - Strictly Hooked DVD with 666 tricks, Toby keeps pushing the progression of hooked tricks to a new level, to remind everyone that Airstyle is the discipline that gets the most "wows" on the beach, with its unique tricks. So stay tuned and follow Toby close, as many more tricks and ideas are getting filmed and will be released in 2014.

Also make sure to check out the New Airstyle Tricks 2014 Trailer below to get inspired.