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Airush Stoked about Positive Lithium Review

SBC Media, one of the world's leading, independent action sports media un-conglomerates, published a review for the Airush Lithium Kite on its SBC Kiteboard site, review in which it had nothing but praise for the kite. After putting the 10m Lithium to the test, the SBC Kiteboard test team said that the kite is, and I quote, “close to perfect.” The test team also said the kite offers smooth power delivery, has good boosting capability, and has solid unhooked performance. All these elements make the Lithium a properly good choice for the well-rounded freerider and part-time freestyler, concluded SBC Kiteboard.

Internationally renowned equipment manufacturer Airush was, as you can imagine, stoked to get such a positive review.

You can check out SBC Kiteboard’s review of the Airush Lithium here. A review of the kite is also available here on Epikoo. Additional information on the Airush Lithium is available on Airush’s site here.