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Alex Arseneault Defies Gravity

Hailing from Canada, Alex Arseneault is in the kiteboarding business for almost 10 years. Arseno, as his friends call him, loves freestyle and snowkiting and more than that, he is passionate about pretty much all action sports, such as snowboard, skateboard, wakeboarding and more.

Kiteboarding is one of his greatest passions. And pushing his skills to a new level is one of his goals. As a matter of fact, his motto is “Always focus on what you want.” He currently rides for Best Kiteboarding and seems to be very happy with his Best TS 2014 09 meters.

At least this is what we think after watching him pull off an incredible 70 ft jump with the 9 meters TS in 45 knots wind conditions, a stunt that really defies gravity. He pulled this trick off during one of his regular big air sessions that he loves so much, right home in Canada.

Check him out as he boosts big time in the related videos section below. Enjoy!