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Alex Caizergues Breaks Record for Charity

3x Speed World Champion Alex Caizergues has broken a record and he did it all for charity. The pro rider did this on the 22nd of March when he traveled the 30km distance from St Barthélemy to St Maarten in 44 minutes and 5 seconds. The kite crossing record was officially timed by Zenith Watches.

As mentioned above, Alex Caizergues broke a kite crossing record for charity. And more to the point, he did it to raise awareness for the Blue Marine Foundation, UK charity founded in 2010 that aims to increase the area of ocean protected by marine reserves from 1% to 10% over the next ten years.

Alex Caizergues’ feat has been documented on film and the video has been released to the web. Click the image in the related video section below to view a 3 minutes long clip in which Alex talks about what he wants to do, why he wants to do it, and then we get to see him actually doing it. Enjoy!