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All New 2013 Cabrinha Products Are Coming

Kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Cabrinha announced this week that it will soon roll out its 2013 range of products and touted the fact that its 2013 lineup is better than ever.

The company explained that its development team has really outdone itself this time. The products from the 2013 lineup feature the best construction techniques in the industry and the highest quality materials. Cabrinha’s 2013 products are simply the best as far as performance, security, and value are concerned.

In coming up with these top performance products, Cabrinha took into consideration all the feedback and constructive comments the community provided.

What can you expect to get from Cabrinha’s 2013 range, from a kite point of view? An all new Switchblade kite that’s lighter and turns faster and an all-new Chaos bridled freestyle C-kite would be just the start. There’s also a new Drifter, a new Vector, a new Crossbow LW, a new Quicklink IDS control system, and a new Siren Collection that is meant to be used by women riders.

Focusing on the boards now, on its 2013 range Cabrinha presents a new Xcaliber pro freestyle model, a redesigned Spectrum, a totally redesigned XO Caliber board for women, an improved Custom kiteboard, an all-new Tronic chop destroyer, an a new light wind twin tip Stylus. On the 2013 surfboard range there’s a new Subwoofer, a redesigned Skillit, a new 6'2" shape for the S-Quad, and a new 5'11" shape for the Trigger.

To get us all hyped up about its 2013 lineup, Cabrinha released a teaser video that you can view right here on Epikoo by clicking the image in the related videos section below. Filmed by Andres Kruger, the video stars Pete Cabrinha, Keahi de Aboitiz, Reo Stevens, Alberto Rondina, Susi Mai, Andre Phillip, Dave Hastilow, and Charlie Smith.

Cabrinha said it will provide more info on its new products come the 1st of August 2013.