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Audrey Meyer Aims to Kick Butt at Master of the Ocean

Today, the 5th of April is the day when the 9th edition of the Master of the Ocean Competition kicks off on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Among the men and women who will be battling out to win the Master of the Ocean award and the $10,000 prize will be pro rider Audrey Meyer. Her aim for this year’s Master of the Ocean is to kick some butt.

Audrey said she will complete in all 4 disciplines of the competition – surfing, SUP, windsurfing and kiteboarding. After winning the female division last year, Audrey expects to win it again this year. “I won the female division in the Master of the Ocean last year in 2010 and my goal for this year is of course to get the title back and on the top of it, kick some of the guys’s butt to put myself in the top 4 overall!” said Audrey on her blog.

Audrey ended her blog post with some words of wisdom: she said she will try to have as much fun as possible. To my mind, that’s what it all boils down to – having fun. And if you can have fun while you’re kicking butt, all the better.

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