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Audrey Meyer Did Not Reach Her Butt Kicking Goal

The Master of the Ocean 2011 competition has now ended and the grand prize of $10,000 has been awarded. Audrey Meyer took part in the competition and, just like she did in 2010, she won the female division. Before leaving for the Master of the Ocean 2011 she said that her goal is to get the title back. That she most certainly did – she won Best Female Surf at Master of the Ocean 2011.

Audrey also said that she’s going to the Master of the Ocean with another goal in mind: to kick butt. She said she wants to “kick some of the guys’s butt to put myself in the top 4 overall!” Unfortunately, she did not reach that goal. The final results of the competition were as follows:

1st and Master of the Ocean – Luciano Gonzales
2nd - Emmanuel David Rondon
3d- Franklin Mieses Montan
4th – Kelvin Corniel Fermin
5th – Oscar De la Cruz

As you can see, Audrey is unfortunately not in the final top 5. Too bad, I was rooting for her. I’m glad she managed to keep her title. Nice going, Audrey! Congratulations!