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Big Wind and Big Wave Action with Karolina Winkowska

Karolina Winkowska just dropped her latest vlog from Eastern Australia, and in this episode, she shares her kiteboarding experience during Cyclone Oma. Karolina talks us through the what to keep an eye out for when kiteboarding during a storm, hurricane or cyclone.

A quick word from Karolina: “Very often we hear about kiteboarders riding during dangerous weather like a hurricane, a storm or a cyclone! I am a professional kiteboarder, and I ride 200 days a year.

This means, I am very dialed with kiteboarding, and I had experienced hardcore kiteboarding conditions in the past. On top of that, I have the latest gear from Slingshot Kite that I know is safe to use.

This said kiteboarding during cyclone OMA was a big surprise for me, as winds reached up to 50 knots! The second day, the wind dropped to 35knots, and made it possible for me to use my smallest 5m kite, and enjoy big waves!”