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Boris Judin Presents ‘Slice of My Existence’

Hailing from Novi Sad, Serbia, Boris Judin is passionate about action sports and especially by kiteboearding. His journey on the kiteboarding road has not been an easy one, but he proved to be a dedicated rider. As he says, he’s been kiting all his life and kiteboarding is his passion and lifestyle.

As most riders out there know, kiting requires passion, but also funds. And Boris knows that better than anybody. Finding sponsors and a team to back you up is no easy task. Boris wants to make the highest quality extreme sports videos ever. And it’s hard to do that when you don’t have the money to travel to the best spots for training and filming.

However, even without someone to back him up, Boris still keeps pushing. He continues to ride and shoot amazing footage. His latest flick is called ‘Slice of My Existence’ and documents his adventures as a kiteboarder across the world. And he hopes that his clips will attract people interested in backing him up: “It’s my hope that, with my new videos, I’ll be able to attract sponsors so that I can continue to keep on riding, and keep producing high quality videos for you guys!”

The movie will hit the web soon, but until it does, you can check out the trailer below.