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Brian Smith Moves Up, Leander Vyvey Joins the Best Kiteboarding Team

Here are a couple of quick news from equipment manufacturer Best Kiteboarding about its team of pro riders. The first one is that Brian Smith a.k.a. “BCS”, after a spectacular performance at the REAL Watersports Triple-S Invitational, has moved from Best Kiteboarding’s National Team to its International Team.

At the bottom of this article, in the related videos section, there’s a video that Best Kiteboarding released a couple of days back. In the video Brian talks about stepping up to the International Team, about what it’s like to ride with his team mates, about he’s successes this season, and about what he plans to do next year. Enjoy!

Moving on, here’s the second news: Best Kiteboarding announced that it signed Leander Vyvey to its team. Leander is a former Belgian Champion and double KPWT Vice Champion; he has been competing and winning on the pro circuit for some five years now.

Leander also set up the Windfish pro watersports holiday company in collaboration with O’Neil. The company offers kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing holiday tours and training camps in some of the best locations around the globe.

Best Kiteboarding said it will let Leander het accustomed to his new Taboo, GP and Kahoona kites, and then it will ask him what it’s like to ride for Best.