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Butterfly Effect: Empowering Women and Giving Back in Cabarete

The 4th annual Butterfly Effect Cabarete took place in the Dominican Republic on the 28th of July. This event was organized by Butterfly Effect; a worldwide water woman movement founded by Tatiana Howard, and was supported by the water women of Cabarete and by The Millennium Resort & Spa. The event gathered more than 100 women from across the world who wanted to relax, have fun, participate in cool competitions and support the Cabarete community. The event benefited the DREAM Project (Dominican Republic Education and Mentoring), a nonprofit organization that provides education for all children born into poverty in rural areas and small communities of the Dominican Republic.

The Cabarete event was open to all women who love windsurfing, kiteboarding, surfing, SUP and kayak. They took part in a 4km downwind ride from Cabarete Bay to Playa Encuentro. They also were involved in beach cleanup, safety and stretching sessions and attended the live auction and celebration held at the luxurious Millennium Resort & Spa.

At the end of the event, Tatiana Howard, the founder of the Butterfly Effect, said: “There is such a powerful presence of water women here in Cabarete from all over the world and I have had the pleasure of watching this event grow over the last four years. The Cabarete community is motivated and united when it comes to supporting events and raising funds for local charities. There is a special energy here and Cabarete is one of my favorite destinations. I am already looking forward to 2013.”

You can now take a look at the Butterfly Effect Cabarete adventure in the clip available in the related videos section below. Courtesy of Tatiana Howard.