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BVI Kite Jam 2011: Tips from the Pros

If you were aching to get some kiteboarding tips from some of the biggest names out there, then I have the perfect video for you. Shot at the 2011 BVI Kite Jam by Jeremy Lund from New Wave Kiteboarding, this video features tips from renowned pro riders such as Kristin Boese and Youri Zoon.

If you prefer to read instead of viewing a video, here the tips the riders presented in the video shared with the public:

  • Shannon Best – always keep your hands in the middle of the bar when you’re doing tricks.
  • Susi Mai – to keep your knees from tearing when you’re progressing, make sure you work your knees and all the muscles around the knees.
  • Kristin Boese – approach things in a progressive manner; start from least advanced and work your way up to complicated tricks.
  • Sander Lenten – make sure your kite is tuned correctly.
  • Youri Zoon – keep trying and never give up.
  • Madison Van Heurck – be careful when riding in strong winds; don’t walk upwind of kites on very windy days.
  • Tommy Fields – ride switch to learn tricks in both ways.
  • Pete Cabrinha – use a medium-sized board and a small kite when riding waves.
  • Andreas – if you want to practice flips and spins, a trampoline is very useful.
  • Bruno – shares his tips on pulling off a blind judge.

Take the time to view the video though. It’s some 5 minutes long and its totally worth it. Just click the thumbnail in the related videos section below.