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Cabrinha Presents ‘The Value of Nowhere’

The guys at Cabrinha are proud to present a new clip that showcases the beauty and thrill of the sport we all love: kitesurfing. The clip is called ‘The Value of Nowhere’ and it is directed by the talented Anders Krüger. The full movie will hit the web on the 1st of October.

The title might be a little confusing. After all how can nowhere have a value? Well, you will find out if you follow Pete Cabrinha, Reo Stevens and Keahi De Aboitiz as they set out to French Polynesia to explore what kind of value one can place on being far from the rigors of social obligation.

And it does have value. And the value of being nowhere is priceless, because after a trip to beautiful, remote places like the French Polynesia, you feel completely recharged and you come back ready for whatever.

Check out what the clip will be all about in the teaser below.