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Cabrinha Welcomes Niccolo Porcella to the Team

In a world of specialized athletes, Niccolo Porcella stands apart as one of the most unique sportsmen around. As one of the original kitesurfing pioneers, Niccolo was breaking new ground in the sport of kitesurfing from a young age. As Pete Cabrinha recalls, “Niccolo’s talent was clear from the very beginning. Even between the age of 12-14 he was one of the leaders in progressive kiteboarding.

His compact frame lent itself to powerful and tight rotations while translating wakeboarding tricks into what has now become the wakestyle movement.” A string of injuries at a young age forced Niccolo to go underground to physically rehab himself and to refocus his perspective. According to Pete, “Niccolo sought out the right people to help him return back to form. When he did finally emerge from the rehab and training, he was far ahead of where he started.