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Cape Hatteras Wave Classic – The Top Threes

The first annual Cape Hatteras Wave Classic gathered some of the best riders in the world and turned the Outer Banks into the scene of some intense kitesurfing action between the 20 and 26th of September.

The Cape Hatteras Wave Classic is North America’s only wave-based kitesurfing event and therefore created its own competition format, with a combination of non-elimination rounds and elimination rounds to allow competitors max time on the water during the week.

The event was awesome, with incredible performances in both in the men’s and women’s divisions, with riders pushing each other’s skills forward in every round of competition. In the men’s division, Kevin Langeree and Reider Decker advanced all the way through to the finals, where Kevin proved to be the best and claimed the title. In the women’s division, Jalou Langeree and Isa Cohen advanced to the finals, where Jalou managed to win the title.

You can check out the performance of the top three athletes in the men’s and women’s divisions in the related videos section below. You will witness some incredible wave action.

Official Results 2014 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic:

Women’s Division:
1st Jalou Langeree
2nd Isa Cohen
3rd Gage Ficther

Men’s Division:
1st Kevin Langeree
2nd Reider Decker
3rd Evan Netsch