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Cape Town Tails Starring Paula Novotna

If you don’t yet know Paula Novotna, we must tell you that she is a promising Czech rider who just started competing on the PKRA Tour and has proven to be very talented and skilled. Her adventure on the PKRA tour started this season, but Paula’s experience on the pro kite scene is much more extensive.

So far, she won the 4th place overall at Kite Tour Europe 2011, the 1st place at the Czech Mushow open in 2012 and the European Junior Champion title in the same year, the 1st place at the South African Nationals in 2013 and the 4th place, just outside the podium at PKRA DAKHLA this season.

Apart from kiteboarding, Pula’s interests include wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding, running, gymnastics and photography. Kitesurfing however, remains her true passion.

There is no wonder she has exceptional kiteboarding skills. She is training most of her time to reach perfection. Paula spent her winter in Cape Town, South Africa for the upcoming PKRA season. And the training has paid off, as she started to compete in the PKRA world tour this year. Her training sessions were filmed and turned into a cool movie, which will reach the web soon. Until the movie hits the web, you can check out the trailer below.