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Cardio, Strength and Endurance Workout for Kiteboarding, SUP and Surf

If you are into the Kiteboarding, SUP, Surf or related watersports, you know how important training and workout is. Staying fit is not only the best way to improve your overall performance, but also a key factor to prevent injuries.

Well, Tom Court in collaboration with Sophie Mathews, a skilled trainer from BeBeach, has put together a useful little edit showcasing the perfect workout to prepare you for your new adventures on the water.

It is a quick, high intensity interval training workout that can be done anywhere and is highly recommended to improve your Cardio, Strength and Endurance for Kiteboarding, SUP, Surf and other water sports.

Take a look at the clip and follow on screen instructions for the stated times and repetitions. Stay fit and on top of the game!