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Charlotte Consorti Rides in Kitesurf Paradise

Charlotte Consorti is one of the most determined and talented kiteboarders today. She stepped on the scene of international pro kiteboarding for some years now and she has proven that this sport flows through her veins.

She is a true woman of the wind and waves. She is a true freestyler and freerider, but her one kiteboarding love is speed sailing. Perhaps nothing compares with the feeling of flying with insane sped over the crystal clear waters.
She won the Speed Sailing World Champ title three times so far and holds the record for the fastest women kiteboarder. And she is always looking to push her skills to the next level. When Charlotte is not competing or training hard to perfect her skills, she still relaxes out on the water.

Her latest trip took her to the kitesurf paradise of Cayo Guillermo, a small and beautiful island on the east coast of Cuba. It is a wonderful place where you can relax and enjoy the perfect kiteboarding adventure. As Charlotte says, “It's the perfect place if you want to kite in front of your hotel. You can just pump your kites in front of your room and then jump in the blue lagoon!”

You can check out Charlotte riding in this amazing kitesurf paradise in the clip below.