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Chasing Storms with Ruben Lenten

Ruben Lenten’s name virtually identifies with extreme kiteboarding. He is known as one of the most radical riders in the world thanks to his awesome air acrobatics. He defies gravity each time he rides in an attempt to take kiteboarding to a new dimension.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Ruben started riding at the age of 12 and turned pro at the age of 16. After competing on the world class scene for several years, Ruben decided to take on a different direction and his focus shifted to promoting the more extreme side of the sport, riding in the most extreme conditions.

And today he never misses an opportunity to challenge the most vicious storms behind his kite. He is present wherever the wind blows hard and the waves boil. Ruben could not miss the chance of chasing the first storm of autumn this season.  As soon as the wind started howling he pumped up his kite and set up on an epic adventure.

You can check it all out in the related videos section below. It is an awesome clip and you will see what it means to ride in 74 knots wind speed.