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Chasing Storms with Sam Medysky

Hailing from Canada, Sam Medysky is more than just a usual kiteboarder. He stepped onto the kitesurfing scene a decade and a half ago and proved he is one of the most talented and skilled riders right from the first moment he set his feet on a board.

His favorite style is wakestyle and fun and fluid action. Sam claimed the Canadian National Champion title three times and is a powerful presence on the international kiteboarding scene. He is also a proud member of the Best Kiteboarding team.

But as we said, Sam is more than that. He is an adventurer, a rider always on a quest to conquer new and challenging kiteboarding locations, a rider that defies winds and huge waves to feel the adrenaline pumping through his veins.

His latest trip took him to Cape Hatteras, right in the middle of a perfect storm. And Sam enjoyed the storm winds that hit Cape Hatteras. He challenged them and rode like a warrior, pulling off some stunning megaloops.

You can check it all out in the clip below. Enjoy!