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Chilly Colours Starring Maurício Pedreira

Maurício Pedreira is one of the most progressive Brazilian riders. Hailing from Florianopolis, he is always trying to take strapless riding to a new dimension and he does it with style. He is an active figure on the KSP Tour and has a serious shot at the first place.

His latest adventure took him and his family, Sibele, Cauê and Davi all the way to Chile for the Easter vacation. And there he enjoyed some quality time slashing the waves. It was all wrapped up in a cool clip called Chilly Colours. Until the full clip is available, you can check out the teaser in the related video section below.

A quick word from Maurício: “[…] a lot of waves and strapless kitewave action! Thanks Chile for the great moments, and to my family for the great company!”