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Come FLY with Me – A Light Wind Dream by Naish

The Fly offers the power of an 18 with the turning of a 12 in a high performance 15 package. This incredible kite from Naish can be considered the ultimate light wind machine. It will get you out on the water and having fun when the wind barely blows.

Here are just a few of the FLY specs:

- Power Foil Canopy
- Evolutive Profile
- Octopus Inflation System
- Solid Frame Construction
- Radial Load Distribution
- Anti-Stiction Window

And if you don’t believe that the kite offers the best performance in marginal winds, check out the latest Fly clip presented by Naish, called ‘Come FLY with Me’ and available in the related videos section below. It features Alexis Aguera, Robby Naish, and Chuck Patterson all powered up and having fun in light winds.