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Cronix – The Adaptive Tech

The guys at Flysurfer released their latest kite model not long ago. The Cronix is Flysurfer’s first LEI kite and it is intended to open a new era for kiteboarders. It is designed using a special Adaptive Airfoil System that provides exceptional aerodynamic performance.

As the guys at Flysurfer say, the Cronix delivers unbeatable all-round performance. It’s perfect for quick kiteloops, breathtaking freestyle tricks, hard cut-backs off the lip, sporty big airs and more and it can accommodate all sorts of riders.

And the Adaptive Airfoil System is the secret behind its performance. It provides profile adjustment, so you can trim the sail with increased bow in lighter winds and flatter for stronger winds, it allows you adjust the profile of the kite during flight thanks to a minimalistic trailing edge bridle. A special knot system on the kite quickly adjusts the amount of effect the trailing edge bridle has on the kite and provides superior control and quick relaunch.

To better understand this technology, take a look at the clip below. It is a 3D short animation showing how the adaptive airfoil feature on the Flysurfer CRONIX works.