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Dark Skies, Bright Hearts Starring the Slingshot RPM and Vision

Dark Skies, Bright hearts is Patrick Weiland’s latest video from the 2014 RPM and Vision photoshoot. Patrick is a talented director and editor and a valuable member of the Slingshot family. His work captures the essence of kiteboarding in colorful motion pictures and amazing sounds.

The Slingshot RPM is a high performance freestyle and wakestyle all-terrain kite and makes a great team with the Vision twin tip, a board created to bridge the gap between competitive and recreational riding and deliver a balanced ride for all ability levels and style.

Both the RPM and Vision are depicted in an awesome manner in the clip, but the Dark Skies, Bright Hearts video is more than just a simple gear presentation. It showcases how the Slingshot Team works as a family and a unit, even when the conditions are working against you, they manage to keep their spirits up and maintain a positive attitude so they can deliver the best to their fans. You can check it all out below.