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A Dream Come True: Kitesurfing Across the Pacific

Crossing the Pacific using a kite and a board is something most people would think it’s crazy. However, this was the dream of Canadian adventurer Adrian Midwood. And his dream came true. The three and a half thousand nautical mile open ocean expedition from Tonga to Australia was fuelled by Adrian's desire to spread the word about renewable energy.

Adrian’s adventure lasted for two months during which his home was a modified Tiki 38 sailing catamaran powered by a model of low-impact sustainable energy technology, which he doubled as a floating classroom throughout the Pacific Islands.

After completing this amazing adventure and crossing an ocean with just a surfboard and a stiff breeze behind him Adrian's next big challenge is establishing an education program focusing on ways to generate revenue from recycled waste plastic in Pacific Island communities. We are sure that he will complete his next task successfully.

If you want to know more about this incredible journey, just take a look at the clip below. Kimberley Busteed introduces Canadian-born adventurer Adrian Midwood. He made his dream of kite surfing across the Pacific come true and here you can find out how it all happened.