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Enable Passion – A Daring Project

The 21st of December will mark the start of an incredible journey, and we are not talking about the day on which the Maya’s say a New World will start. It will be the start of a daring project initiated by kiteboarding legends such as Lou Wainman, Ruben Lenten, Susi Mai and Filippo Van Hellenberg Hubar and others, who plan to cross the Atlantic Ocean by kite.

The riders will take the Southern Route, from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean and each of them will ride for approximately 4 hours a day, while the others follow on a yacht. The route can be considered the Worlds’ Longest Downwinder. If everything goes according to the plan, the team will depart on the 21st of December and will arrive at their destination 11 days later, just in time for the New Years’ Party of a lifetime in the Caribbean.

The entire project will be documented on film. It will focus on the journey “as a whole” and not only on the crossing from start to finish. Check out what we are talking about in the Enable Passion teaser available in the related videos section below. You can also check the Enable Passion website for updates.