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Enhance Your Ride with the North Kiteboarding App

The guys at North have been busy developing a brand new app that will enhance everyone’s kitesurfing experience. It is the first one of its kind on the market and it is designed to deliver outstanding interaction, connectivity and product information to the Kiteboarding community.

The North App allows you connect, create and compete, interact with other kiteboarders, connect directly to our North Team Riders, see where they're riding, the tricks they're performing and grants you access to pro tips. It features a Kiteboarding Tracker to log your sessions, share with the community and compete with North team riders.

It also features a Kitestream option that allows you to discover and share. The App also allows you to check the past and present conditions at your favorite spots across the world. Of course that it also features a detailed Product section, where you can check out all of the North kites, boards and accessories and create your own virtual quiver. The News Feed section grants you access to the latest news.

The guys at North are stoked to bring you the ultimate Kiteboarding experience right at your finger tips. The North Kiteboarding App is free to download for iPad and iPhone and for Android.