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Eric Rienstra Presents the 2012 Darkside Board

Just a couple of hours ago kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Slingshot released a video in which pro rider Eric Rienstra presents the 2012 Darkside wakestyle board. For 2012 the Darkside, a handcrafted board built in the US of A, comes with a stronger and lighter construction. It has massive drive, power and no whip pop. It’s also flexible, balanced on the rails, and incredibly durable.

The 2012 Darkside is, as Slingshot put it, the ultimate wakestyle board. The aforementioned Eric Rienstra, alongside Ruben Lenten, Alex Fox and Tony Logosz worked hard to achieve a very simple goal: come up with the perfect wakestyle board. What they came up with is the 2012 Darkside.

To check out the video of Eric Rienstra presenting the 2012 Darkside, just click the thumbnail in the related videos section below.
For additional information on the 2012 Darkside check out Slingshot’s official description here and an Epikoo review here.
And if you would like to learn more about Eric Rienstra, check out his personal website here.