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Ewan Jaspan on Naish's International Team

We are glad to report that today, January 10 is Ewan Jaspan’s 18th birthday and that Evan has recently “gone international”. Or to put it in other words, the young and talented kitesurfer who has recently graduated high school has made the Naish International Team. He used to be on a National Team Rider in Australia before joining the Naish International Team.

On behalf of everyone here at Epikoo I would like to wish Ewan “Happy Birthday” and congratulate him on “going international.”

To view a video of Ewan being presented with the Naish International Team colors, just click the thumbnail in the related videos section below.
To find out more about Ewan, check out his profile on Naish’s official site.
To stay on top of latest doings, like his Facebook profile.