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Exceptional Conditions on Day Three of Mauritius One Eye Pro

The conditions did not disappoint on day three of the inaugural event on the KSP Wave Tour, the Mauritius One Eye Pro. The waves were pumping, the wind was blowing, and the riders, well, they were busy making the most of the conditions and giving it their best.

In the conditions day three had to offer the Men’s Round 1 was completed. On day two the first three heats of the Men’s Round 1 were completed; they were won by Max Bonieux, Mauricio Pedreira, and Airton Cozzolino. On day three the remaining five heats were completed. They were won by Airton Cozzolino, Oswald Smith, Jesse Richmann, Marc Ramseier, Patri McLaughlin, and Sky Solbach.

Then the organizers moved on to the Women’s Round 1. All four heats of the round were completed. The winners of the heats are: Steph Bridge, Kristin Boese, Ines Correira, and Ninja Bichler.

After completing the Men’s Round 1 and the Women’s Round 1, the conditions were still favorable, so the organizers moved on to the Men’s Round 2. Out of eight heats, the first five were completed. The winners are: Jeremy Eloy, Guilly Brandao, Juan Pabloo Diban, Mitu Monteiro, and Bruno Bordowsky.

For additional information on the heats (results and order) just click here.
Don’t forget that the Mauritius One Eye Pro is streamed live here

A short video that presents day three of the Mauritius One Eye Pro is available below. Just click the thumbnail in the related videos section to view it. Enjoy!