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F-One's Be My Guest Series: Episode 3 Is Out

The third episode of F-One’s “Be My Guest” series has been released to the public; you can view it on F-One’s official site by clicking here. As part of the Be My Guest series, and I’m only saying this to make sure that everyone is on board, F-One riders invite one another to try out their different areas of kiting expertise.

In episode 1 (view here), freestyle riders Alex Soto and Robinson Hilario ask speed sailor Alex Caizergues to share a freestyle session in La Boca. Then in episode 2 (view here), Alex Caizergues asks Alex Soto and Robinson Hilario to come down to Port Saint Louis and give speed sailing a try. See what I mean now when I say that the riders ask one another to try our their difference areas of kiting expertise?

What happens in episode 3 of the Be My Guest Series? In this episode Bjorn Kaupang (winner of Red Bull Ragnarok 2011) asks Mitu Monteiro to come down to Col Du Lautaret and give snowkiting a try.

Presumably in the next episode Mitu Monteiro will ask Bjorn to give waveriding a try. But we can only speculate at this time. The only thing we know for sure is the that 4th episode will be last and final episode of the Be My Guest series.