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Flysurfer Introduces the Cronix Allround Performance Kite

Flysurfer is one of the most prestigious brands in kiteboarding industry. It is one of the brands considered an innovator for the bridled ram-air kite system and has become a force to be reckoned with – especially in the niche markets. Well, this season, Fyurfer enlarges its product family, with the addition of a leading edge inflatable kite. This might come as a surprise to Flysurfer fans, but the performance this new kite offers is definitely not a surprise at all.

The new leading edge inflatable kite is called Cronix, and as the guys at Flysurfer say, it opens a new era in the world of kiteboarding. The Cronix is designed to deliver allround performance. It is able to perform fast kiteloops, breathtaking freestyle tricks, hard cut-backs off the lip and offers a sporty flight feeling and an enormous wind range. It is easy to use and it can be a reliable companion for any kitesurfer.

The Cronix features an Adaptive Airfoil System which generates a considerable increase in low end power and a special trailing edge bridle which creates more lift through the curvature of the kite profile when powering up. It is easy to power, easy to keep under control, depower and relaunch. It is a true allrounder. You can check the Cronix in action in the promo clip below.