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Flysurfer Presents the Flydoor5

The Door concept has been around for some years. It defines a larger kiteboard, designed specifically for lightwind conditions. And Flysurfer’s Flydoor has been the weapon of choice in lightwinds for many riders for many years.

Well, for the upcoming 2016 season, the guys at Flysurfer are proud to intro the 5th generation Flydoor. Tweaked and improved, the Flydoor 5 is designed with a performance oriented focus in mind, allowing riders to start planing and go upwind as early as possible.

The board’s dimension, rocker, center fin, are all optimized to provide exceptional lightwind potential, as well as a fun ride. The Flydoor comes with the new Galaxy footstrap system, Space footpads and the innovative Click’n’Ride fin system.

As the guys at Flysurfer say, the Flydoor5 enables you to catch every breath of wind and thus enjoy every minute on the water. You can check it out in action in the clip below.