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Forward: Legacy of a World Champion

Forward is the story of Youri Zoon, the rider who spend his life focusing on one goal: the world championship. After training with passion and dedication every windy day on the water for the last decade, his dream became true in 2011.

Brought to you by EyeForce production and sponsored by Best, Brunotti and Mystic, Forward presents the incredible story of an athlete who finds himself at a crossroad in his life, of a rider in search for a new mission after the ultimate reward.

If your goal in life is that ultimate title, you have a clear vision where you are heading. And Forward showcases Youri’s vision and passion when it comes to kiteboarding. It is the first kiteboarding movie shot with a high speed camera. Documented with the Phantom Miro shooting up to 1500 frames per second, Youri Zoon's style of kiteboarding was captured in way like never before.

Until the movie premiere we invite you to check out the trailer, available in the related videos section below.