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The Full NKB US Episode Is Online

We were telling you about North’s US Episode a while ago, a movie that showcases the skills and talent of the NKB team, as the riders get loose in the US, performing outstanding tricks. And you saw the trailer.

Well, the full movie is now online and you have the chance to see Craig Cunningham, Colleen Carroll, Mario Rodwald, Stefan Spiessberger and Reno Romeu, some of the best kiteboarders today, doing what they do best. And we must say they are resourceful while they unleash their skills on US waters. You can check it all out in the related videos section below.

A quick word from the guys at North: “The Northkiteboarding freestyle team had two requirements for this trip to the US... flat water and rails! They got what they wanted and then greased up Cape Hatteras and Texas. And by the way, heard about the legendary aircraft carrier USS Lexington!? Be surprised, don't want to miss this one!”