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Fun Rides with Evan Netsch and Damien LeRoy

Everybody likes the extreme side of kiteboarding, the thrill of a stunning trick, the pressures of a pro competition, and the performances of elite riders. And indeed, these things make kiteboarding one of the greatest sports today.

But kiteboarding is also about having fun and unwinding. Evan Netsch and Damien LeRoy want to remind us this fact. The two pro riders are always on the road competing in hardcore events, training and pushing their limits. From times to times they feel the need to unwind and just have plain fun, because, as they say, you can never have too much fun.

They set out on the water accompanied by whales. Well, inflatable whales to be more precise. And they tried to tame the whales. We must say it was a fun and bumpy session. Check out their fun adventure in the clip below.