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Game Changer Tech by North Kiteboarding and PIQ

North Kiteboarding and PIQ revealed a game-changer for the kiteboarding industry, in the form of a sport specific accessory. With the most advanced sensor technology, it works in real-time and displays information via the PIQ attached to the board. For an enhanced riding experience, North Kiteboarding and PIQ will shake up your sessions and stoke!

North Kiteboarding and PIQ share the same ambition: To enhance the kiteboarding experience and further the passion for sports. While PIQ brought its tech know-how to the table, North Kiteboarding brought its kiteboarding expertise to help design the mobile application and the accessory. The accessory is a kit composed of a mount that can be fixed to any board and a housing in which the kiter will secure the PIQ sensor. It is rugged, waterproof, shockproof and corrosion resistant. The PIQ sensor is connected via Bluetooth at low energy to a dedicated mobile application (iOS and Android). Riders will now have access to a powerful and wearable product that gives detailed jump performance metrics: height of jumps, air time, G force at landing, number of jumps etc., thanks to its 13 axes.

“We are very enthusiastic to work with PIQ and launch this new connected solution everywhere the wind blows! North Kiteboarding and PIQ enables all riders, casual or serious, to track their jumps. Our connected solution will allow any kiter to be proud of their ride and share it.” says Till Eberle, CEO of North Kiteboarding.

Cédric Mangaud, CEO and cofounder of PIQ, shares the same enthusiasm: “As a kiteboarding addict myself, I am very happy and honored to partner with the #1 Kiteboarding brand to achieve my dream of knowing the height of my jump directly on my board. Sharing our respective expertise, we have worked together with one single goal in mind: to bring a lot more fun to kiteboarding. For us, the more you enjoy the ride, the more you practice and the better you get.”