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Get Inspired – The World of Extreme Sports with Damien Leroy

Hailing from Vail, Colorado and now residing in Jupiter, Florida, Damien Leroy is a complete athlete. He loves all extreme sports and his greatest passion is kitesurfing. Sports have taken him all over the globe on competitions and training sessions and motivated him all the time.

He knows that the passion for sport is everything: “I find it funny, as you get older, you really start to see things differently. Winning is not the drive any more as it is the challenge that gets the blood pumping and the overall enjoyment and challenge of the experience. Life is such a gift. I am so grateful for every day and every new experience.”

Find out what motivates him and should motivate all of us in the clip below, featuring kiting, paragliding, snowkiting, SUPsurfing and more. Get inspired and, as Damien says, believe in yourself and anything is possible!